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Smart wifi plug
color: White
Specifications: British standard AC plug * 4 + usb plug * 4
Size: 229*89*41 MM
Power cord length: 1.5 meters
Eingangsspannung: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz
Maximale Belastung: 16A
USB-Ausgang: 5V 3.1A
Hauptmaterial: PC + ABS + Kupfer
Wi-Fi Standard: 2.4GHz 802.11b/
Support System: Android/IOS
Housing material: PC flame retardant material
Conductor material: copper
Additional features: high power socket / air conditioning socket
Scope of application: home, school, hotel, etc.

-The jack can be independently controlled, the time switch, the USB is fully controlled by 4 digits, and can not be separated
-The product is powered on by default, can be APP remote control, can achieve voice control, compatible with alexa; Google Home; IFTTT

1. The product size is manually measured, and the error may be about 3MM, which is subject to the actual product. beg to be excused!
2. Due to the color difference of the display, the color of the image may be slightly different from the actual object. Please refer to the actual object.
3. Express delivery time is 8-22 days, please be patient.
4. If you have any questions about the package you received, please contact us by email and wish you a happy shopping!

WiFi intelligent power board:

As long as the socket is in the environment of wireless Internet WiFi, the mobile phone app can realize the intelligent product of remote control of home appliances, and can connect to Google Home and Amazon alexa to realize voice control, travel away from home, and use electricity at home. Safe and worry

Intelligent independent control:

With 4AC plug, it supports separate control of each plug on APP and Alexa voice, saving energy and saving power. At the same time, we are equipped with 4 usb charging interfaces for intelligent shunting, safe and fast charging for your electronic equipment.

Safety protection:

The power board is made of special ABS flame retardant polymer, with overload protection function, which can cut off the power supply and ensure your house is safe and away from risk. The innovative design of the jack cover prevents children from inserting fingers or foreign objects and getting an electric shock.

Bold power cord:

We have 3 cores for the power cord, each core has 30 0.254mm copper wires to form a 1.5 square thick wire, the power cord diameter is 8.5mm, the total length is 1.8m, which ensures the plug-in Service life and safety

Applicable scene:

It can switch lights regularly. When you work overtime, you can make a water heater to let you go home, you can take a bath, remote control fan lights and other appliances…. meet your various requirements, suitable for home, office, hotel, etc. smart life

Packing includes:

1*Wifi power strip



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